‘Leave our hijab, let those who want to go naked do so’, says group

Some Islamic organisations under the auspices of the Coalition of Muslim Groups has called on the government at all levels to caution some overzealous teachers, public officers to stop denying hijab-wearing women and girls their rights as guaranteed by the 1999 Constitution as ammended.

The groups said this in Lagos on Saturday during a peaceful protest held at the Abiola Gardens, Ojota to commemorate the 2020 World Hijab Day.

In her address to hundreds of women who converged at the gardens, the Executive Director, Hijab Right Advocacy Initiative, Mutiat Balogun, said most people are unaware that women in hijab suffer discrimination from institutions, schools and work places.

She said: “Even though it is our basic right getting drivers license and international passport and identity card, some might tell you, you have to remove your hijab, you have to bring out your ears. Wereas the constitution protect this right for us to wear hijab under the freedom of thought and religion. We also have biometric regulation in this country that doesn’t require a woman wearing it to remove it or bring out her ears. This is a form of awareness to the discrimination we face in public places.”

The coalition said covering of heads with veils has nothing to do with terrorism, insecurity and other criminal acts.

The Director of Muslims Right Concern, MURIC, Professor Lakin Aintola, charged women to never be discouraged from using hijabs.
“You are the positive influencers and pride of the society. You represent the pride of the womanhood and you are are the dignity of the society. Let those who want to go naked continue to do so.”

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