Leading push for 5G revolution (2)

In this concluding part of his series on the fifth-generation technology deployment, LUCAS AJANAKU sheds light on the challenges and benefits of this important milestone in the country.

5G represents the future. While tremendous progress has been made since the advent of GSM in Nigeria, 5G will be the bedrock of future communications. According to GSMA’s Policy Position on 5G spectrum, ‘5G is expected to support significantly faster mobile broadband speeds and lower latencies than previous generations while also enabling the full potential of the IoT.’

5G will revolutionise the way of life: from education to agriculture, security to entertainment, and governance in general. On education, 5G will transform our education system. The availability of a fast wireless network will enable virtual learning. For our educators, 5G will empower them to reimagine what is possible inside and outside their classrooms. The ability to download high quality, the feature-length documentary in…

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