Lady drinks ‘sniper’ over fight with lover

Mike Odiegwu, Yenagoa


The sudden death of one Joy Osain, who lives in Agbura Community, Yenagoa, Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, has sparked controversy.

Some persons were said to be blaming the death on the deceased saying that she drank sniper and died following a disagreement between her and her 28-year-old boyfriend, Eze Augustus.

On the Boxing Day when people were exchanging gifts and making merry, the late Joy reportedly engaged in a quarrel with her boyfriend at the man’s house in Azikoro in the capital city of Yenagoa.

A source, who spoke in confidence, said: ”The girl was an indigene of Agbura while the guy is from AziKoro community both in Yenagoa LGA. She was a fruit seller at Azikoro.

“Her boyfriend avoided her on Christmas day. She went to wait in front of his door on 26th of December but saw another girl in his house.

“She became angry and fought with him. He allegedly beat her. But the girl kept saying she would not be alive and watch another girl…

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