“It’s senseless to be rich on social media and dead broke in reality” – Eriata Ese

Reality TV star, Eriata Ese has taken to social media to disclose the major reason why she doesn’t really fancy flaunting her life on the gram.

In a post she shared, Eriata Ese stated that she decided to reduce her time on social media because she gets much peace in reality. She also mentioned that it makes no sense knowing you are rich on social media and dead broke in reality.

Read her post below.

”A lot of people have been asking why I don’t post often on instagram, the reason is because I live more of my life in reality than on social media a lot of people will deny this but I think a large number of people Compete with themselves and in the process they find themselves living a life that ain’t theirs for people who don’t really care try to live for yourself and make you a better person outside social media.

It really doesn’t make sense knowing you are rich on social media and dead broke in reality, social media is fun but learn to live more in reality, you will have peace and zero pressure.
Btw I’m currently in a transition mood I’ve been swimming in peace of mind, love, food and other nutritious stuff I guess I over fed so I’m at the gym trying to shake some excess off my body”.

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