Is sex still a big deal amongst teenagers?

By Vera Chidi-Maha

Sex is the world’s number one product, making it is the biggest and most profitable business. Everywhere one turns, it stares unblinking. Adverts are daily tailored in the way that messages are laced with sexual innuendoes to attract attention and patronage of the advertiser’s products.

Films, clothes, music and books – all celebrate the mystery and power of sex. Women are often portrayed as sex objects to be used and dumped at will. No musical video is complete without a skimpily dressed girls flaunting, to the delight of men, their feminine attributes. The Makos revolution perhaps underscored this fact more than ever.

Films with vivid sex scenes are aired these days without care that young minds may be present. Sex on the internet is as cheap and common as the air we breathe, so also are pornographic books and films. The result is the world that revels sex, especially teenagers who see it as a source of excitement. In the last couple of decades the…

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