Irawo, Beninese media startup, is putting francophone African talents in the spotlight

It is a given that gaining positive and consistent coverage in the media — either in print, broadcast, or on the Internet — has a great impact on the work that individuals, groups, and organisations do. To a great extent, it is capable of getting their stories to a larger audience. But then, other benefits abound.

In 2015, a young Beninese who understands that the media is capable of shaping people’s opinions decided to start writing the stories of talents and creatives in Africa in order to inspire youths to dream. She discovered that young Africans are sometimes held back from pursuing their dreams because they are yet to find someone who has done the same.

“Thus, Irawo was born, which means ‘star’ in Yoruba. The mission back then was to be a gigantic repertoire of African talents. Today, Irawo is a brand that connects African talents to the opportunities they need to achieve their professional dreams.” – Mylène Flicka, founder, Irawo.

Mylène Flicka, founder, Irawo

A passion-driven team

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