‘Intelligence is Sexy’ mentoring programme to take off soon

A group of professionals, Isaac Okorafor , Dr Adaeze Oreh, and Ayobami Oyalowo, popular known as ‘The Godfather’ are joining hands to organise a short and fun mentoring programme.

The programme which is tagged ‘Intelligence is Sexy’, is targeted at the Nigerian youth to  re-orientate and sensitize them on the ideals of hard work, creativity and enterprise.

This is to allow them to become more active participants in the digital revolution and economy of today says Mariam Mohammed, the convener of the event.

Mariam said she was motivated by the negative trend of the young population seeking acceptance, wealth, worth and validation in the excessive themes of sex, materialism and often fake glam lifestyles that dominate the social media today.

She explained that the concept of ‘Intelligence is Sexy’ was created with the hope to promote and get the Nigerian youth to embrace and find appeal in the ideals of hard work and intellectualism, rather than materialism and the get-rich-quick syndrome.

Speaking further, Mariam said the event promises to be “fun, intelligent discourses, more intelligent discourse, and more fun where there will be 200 randomly selected youths across different backgrounds.”


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