In pursuit of agric development

The greatest challenge of Lagos State Government is how to feed its large population expected to hit 22 million  in  few years.  The most effective way to feed and  improve the lives  of millions in the state is to encourage  them to support  technology-led agriculture.To transform the sector, create jobs, raise income, reduce malnutrition, and kick-start the economy, the government has launched a five–year development road map amid high stakeholders’expectations, DANIEL ESSIET reports.


As Nigeria looks to curb its imports, in the face of declining state revenues, speeding up agricultural development has become imperative, given that the country seeks to diversify from oil.

In most parts of Nigeria, agricultural transformation has not advanced as planned because their plans lacked key elements of translate the goals into reality.

But that is not so in Lagos State which wants to capitalise on agricultural growth opportunities. Hence,…

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