In Africa, OPay and WeChat have more in common than just being super apps

History of a Chinese super app in Africa

In 2013, Chinese Internet-based platform company Tencent entered the African market with its super app, WeChat. It debuted in South Africa where Naspers, its Africa-focused counterpart, became a shareholder in the venture.

Two years after, things did not seem to be going so well. WeChat was going through a rough patch and there had been rumours of an exit from the Nigerian market where it had a huge market, which a WeChat representative in West Africa officially denied at the time.

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The multi-purpose app eventually did exit the West African market and eventually all of Africa, howbeit quietly. Activities on its website seemed to stop in early 2017.


Before the official entrance, there were already African users on WeChat, and now, Africans still use WeChat, the only difference is that it no longer has an official presence.

A Tencent signed office

The African arm of its parent company, Tencent Africa still exists and is working on other…

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