In 2019 alone, this Africa-focused accelerator has invested in 7 sub-Saharan Africa startups 

Tom Fairburn and Toby Hanington met at the University of Bath and upon graduation set up The Baobab Network (TBN) to support businesses across the globe.

Though set up as an accelerator with a keen interest in Africa, TBN has worked closely with venture investors and startups around the world. The name, brand, and identity are inspired by the Baobab tree, an iconic symbol of life and growth in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2019 alone, TBN has invested in and worked with 7 startups on the continent.

And as is our mandate to put the spotlight on Africa-focused private and institutional investors and their activities, we make The Baobab Network share some insights on how they invest.

What does the term VC investment mean to The Baobab Network?

For us, venture capital means investors that actively look to take risks and back companies that have the potential to scale rapidly. At The Baobab Network, we are set up more as a company builder and accelerator, rather than a pure-play play VC, as although we provide funding, our main offering to founders is the focused support…

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