Impeachment: A partisan futility – The Nation Newspaper

By Mohammed Adamu


Our founding fathers created a system of government of men, not of angels”. Richard Gephardt, House Minority Leader on Clinton’s impeachment trial.

Trump said, in reaction to his impeachment by the House: “They have cheapened the impeachment process”. But I say the impeachment process in the United States, and largely too, in most presidential democracies, has always been cheapened by the fact that partisanship inevitably has to be at the core of whether a president elected my many should be removed by a few.

Donald Trump’s impeachment proves once again the unavoidably partisan nature of this democratic measure in a multi-party democracy; or rather, its futility especially in a presidential system of government.

An American statesman, Alexander Hamilton, as far back as 1788 had warned of the “danger that the decision (to impeach) will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties (in parliament), than by the real demonstration of…

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