Imitating men, using heavy perfume is forbidden in Islam – Lady warns – GistReel

A Nigerian lady has got herself trending on Twitter after she listed out some habits that are forbidden in Islam on the platform.

The lady identified as @XahrerhIB on Twitter advised fellow ladies to desist from fixing nails, eyelashes, attachments and others because it is forbidden in Islam.

“Dear Muslim Ladies,

Attachment is HARAAM
Fake nails is HARAAM
Fake eyelashes is HARAAM
Bleaching is HARAAM
Plucking eyebrows is HARAAM
Tight revealing clothes HARAAM
Imitating men is HARAAM
Heavy perfume is HARAAM
Revealing hair is HARAAM

May Allah guide us to the right part.”, she tweeted.

However, her tweet caused mixed reactions on the platform with some users taking to the comment section of her tweet to write their opinion,

See some comments below;


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