I’m Suspecting My Girlfriend Is HIV Positive

A crying man

A crying man (File photo)



A Nigerian man has taken to nairaland forum to share an experience that has been disturbing his life.


He wrote: 

“Hey guys I need your help regarding this:

My girlfriend and i weren’t on talking terms for a while, six months to be precise, but last week she started talking to me all of a sudden and we kinda shared one or two mutual feelings that led, to sex.

But while she was about to leave, I kind of saw some drugs in her bag, when I asked her the purpose of the drugs she replied that they were for infection.

Meanwhile she previously told me that same morning that she needed some money to threat virginal infection.


But one occurent led to one another that made me to suspect her only purpose for showing up was to infect me with HIV or some other STDs.

I don’t know what to do regarding this issue but I’m planning on dealing with her if i get to find out she infected me with any STD on purpose…

Need advice guys and girls.”

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