I have never owed anyone salary – Gloria Osei

Businesswoman, Glory Osei who was called out on social media a few weeks ago, has stated that she never owed anyone salary.

Gloria Osei

In a series of tweets, Gloria Osei stated people are free to criticize her for her past, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been kind and good to the people she met.

She tweeted:

While it might seem like I am beating a dead horse &understanding your desperation for slander about me to be true let it be clear to those who care to know. I have NEVER EVER owed anyone a salary. I have never treated anyone badly. I have been good and kind to the people I meet.

I barely meet people as the scope of my involvement in my businesses mostly have me meeting with management to develop strategies and action plans. The only thing I have done “wrong” is to let go of people. I wish we didn’t, but it had to be done. And they got paid, all of them.

I pay people for their work and I pay WELL. My salaries are very competitive and right there at the top of what you would earn in other spaces and sometimes more.

Criticise my past of selling trends and paint yourself above that.

But owe my staff I NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL.

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