I Hated My Big Boobs While In High School


Upcoming singer Ogunjimi Adeyinka aka Whykay, in an interview with Vanguard, has opened up on some personal things about her to include one of the most embarrassing days of her life.

In the interview, Whykay, revealed that while growing up, she never liked her boobs as they were quite big and still is.

Read excerpts from the interview;

How long have you been doing music?

I have been doing music since 2012 and it has been on and off. I slowed down when I was in school. That was between 2013 and 2017. However, I later went on a break.

Do you have an album at the moment and who are those you admire in the industry?

No, but I have singles. I have been on mixtapes and worked with artistes like Ycee, Cartiair, Xcell, Boogey, Kell, Bella and more. Talking about those I admire, we have the likes of Eminem, Kendrick, Lamar and Hopsin among others.

How did your journey into the entertainment industry begin?

I started acting this year towards the end of January, I think. Nedu Wazobia asked me to play a role. I was shy at first but I knew I had to do it because I love entertainment; it is my life. After the first outing I was called over and over again for more jobs and here I am today. Talking about singing? E don tey-o. I started singing in 2012. I was in a group but we later parted ways. After that, I released my first single, Red light.

Nedu Wazobia? We know he is always fond of large boobs on his skits, was that what attracted him to you?

Well, people think he is fond of boobs and I can’t speak for him. However, I think it is what attracts the viewers to the message or information that needs to be transmitted. Sounds weird but a normal post doesn’t always go viral (laughter).

Have you encountered any embarrassing moments due to your plus-sized boobs?

Yes o. In highs school, there was this day I was walking down the road with my fellow students when all of a sudden, a guy shouted ‘see breasts!’  I went home and cried. I hated my big boobs then. I was wearing a pinafore so it exaggerated the size of my boobs (laughter).

That was long time ago, any recent experience as a full-grown woman?

(Laughter) Well, that high school encounter is still in my head, still so fresh. As a grown woman, it has become a normal experience. Not necessarily verbally but I always catch guys staring at my boobs and most times I can’t do anything. Anyway, I am used to it.

How has your music career been? 

Well, honestly it has been on and off right from my university days. I finished serving in March and I haven’t been really settled. I have been doing some personal stuffs instead.

What severed your last relationship and what lessons did you take home from the affair?

Hmmm…We were together for a year and he wasn’t ready for a relationship. He was a young guy who just got divorced so I didn’t rush it. But after a year, he still didn’t know what he wanted. He wanted all of my time, care and attention, yet wasn’t ready for commitment. I realized that whenever I withdrew unconsciously, he got grumpy but I did not care because it was messing up my head so I had to quit! He is one of the best guys I have ever dated but the major issue was, he didn’t know what he wanted. This taught me never to get carried away again.

Talking about marriage, what are your expectations of a ‘husband material’?

Hmmm… My man needs to be loyal. He should love, respect and support my dreams and vision. He should be taller than I am.  Age doesn’t really matter but he must not be younger and not too old. He should be comfortable, hardworking and able to handle responsibilities.

Have you ever thought of marrying a billionaire’s son?

I won’t say no if they have good character and actually care about me. But actually, I don’t want a billionaire but if he comes and he is true and I like him, why not?


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