I fine pass your female generation both born & unborn – Anita Joseph puts a troll in his place

Actress Anita Joseph is not given a troll any chance to bully her as she recently handled a bully with precise perfection.

The drama started after the said troll took to the actress’ comment section to say that she is not in any way good looking without makeup.

The actress had shared a makeup free photo of herslef with the caption; ‘December 🙆🏼‍♀️💃now now now 👏

Not long after she posted this a couple of trolls took to her comment section to drag her with many making remarks about her face.

One person wrote;

After all the skincare you still have pimples and blackspots on your face

Another stated that she is not fine without makeup.

Anita Joseph, however had the last laugh as she shut them down with her reply ;

I fine pass your female generation, both born and unborn.

See the exchange below;

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