‘I Didn’t Know It Was A Crime’ Says Grandmother Who Poisoned Baby With Sniper

Tope Akinola

Tope Akinola made headlines recently after killing her two-day-old granddaughter because she didn’t like the child’s father.

Akinola, 47, was arrested by the Ogun state police command for poisoning her granddaughter in Ogun state with insecticide.

In a recent interview, Akinola disclosed that she didn’t know it was against the law to kill the child and that she did it out of poverty and not because she didn’t like the deceased child’s father.

She revealed also that she’s a trader who sells provisions at Sagamu area in the state, while her husband, Kassim Akinola, sells planks of wood which he gets from the forest.

She also confessed to poisoning the little child with a pier which led to her death.

She said, “When I discovered that my daughter was pregnant, I wanted it aborted but my pastor warned me not to do it so I had to wait for my daughter to deliver the baby before carrying out my plan.

“I gave the baby Sniper at the hospital after my daughter gave birth to her. She was living with me before she gave birth. My daughter’s husband and his family never showed up since she gave birth; they only came about two times while she was pregnant”

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On reports that she killed her granddaughter because she disliked her father, she said, “I never set my eyes on her (Seun’s) partner until the day she gave birth. Only his mother came to meet me and that was after he got my daughter pregnant. I gave the baby the insecticide to drink because of my financial problems. I don’t have money to take care of the baby and her mother. I was even the one that gave her money when she was going to the clinic. I gave her money twice for medical bills and since I didn’t have money to give her again, I couldn’t be going to beg on the streets”

She revealed also that she poisoned the baby in a hospital at Sagamu and that she didn’t know that it was against tje law to do so.

she said “I regret my action. I want the government to help me. It never occurred to me that it was against the law”.

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