How to build a great brand

By Ehi Braimah


Let us begin by understanding what a brand truly represents. However you choose to define a brand, because there are a multiplicity of  definitions, a brand, from my personal knowledge sharing experiences, is a statement of promise  that earns the trust of the consumer. What is important here is keeping the promise otherwise the brand is asking for trouble.

The key to building a great brand is getting the customer to come back and one way we can achieve this goal is by establishing a strong emotional bond between the brand and the consumer. A brand can be a product, service, personality, city or country. A brand must be easily recognizable.

The consumer would like to buy what he/she knows and trusts, although price may become a discriminator. Every brand has its own audience and value proposition; a brand must have the power to change or influence consumer behaviour. For example,  Primark in the UK is a retail fashion outlet known for bottom of the fashion…

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