How police can function effectively, by Minister

The Minister of Police Affairs, Alhaji Mohammed Dingyadi spoke with NICHOLAS KALU on national security and the challenges facing the police. Excerpts:

What are the main challenges to facing the police?

The main problem of the police all along has been insufficient funding. There is really need for better funding for the police, if it has to perform optimally. I think Mr President has adequately appreciated this. That is why about three months ago, he signed a bill into law that would establish the Police Trust Fund. This fund is going to be managed by this ministry through a board that would particularly take care of the training aspect, the equipping and general welfare, in terms of providing better office accommodation, providing better residential accommodation for the police and to ensure that, by and large, we improve their welfare. We would endeavor to see all these things are improved and then, we would not expect anything less from the police in terms of performance and in…

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