How Nigerian tour companies leverage social media to promote affordable travel packages

Nigerians love to travel and foreign trips, for whatever reasons they are taken, are perceived as more satisfying given the scenery change and cultural experiences offered.

It is fair to say that not all foreign trips are made for the scenery and culture available beyond Nigeria’s shores; a lot of trips occur for reasons ranging from health to business to relaxation. However, vacationing accounts for a large number of trips made abroad as people seek relaxation spots and an ambience different from the norm.

For most people, the where is known but how remains a mystery.

Staycations trump vacations

The recession that hit Nigeria in the second quarter of 2016 did not make it any easier for those dreaming of travelling to make the payments required to live their dreams. However, those for whom money was not a factor, who could spare no expense, lived out their fantasies — and even updated them annually — while others who were dreaming before the recession, well, continued to dream.


With vacations becoming harder to afford staycations…

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