How Nigerian bus-booking platform, Hubryde is offering premium mass commuting services to Lagos residents – Techpoint Africa

Here’s how a typical day looks for a Lagos resident commuting to work.

You set out as early as 5 am, only to meet a large crowd at the bus stop. At this point, it is very likely the fares have been inflated. After you consider your options and decide to pay, it appears there aren’t enough buses to go round.

By the time you eventually get on your way, chances are you will get stuck in traffic. And because some of these buses are often overcrowded or in a bad state, it soon becomes very uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, someone with access to a ride – either a personal car or an ‘Uber’ – could also experience this.


Here is a common challenge often associated with economic hubs across the world – overcrowding which negatively impacts transportation facilities. In Nigeria, Lagos is a perfect example of such.

Taking a cue from countries that have managed this problem, governments and individuals alike have sought to lighten the effect on commuters by providing large-capacity vehicles to reduce the number of cars on the roads—for…

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