How Neglected Nigerian oil producing community got tap water first time in decades

A 24-year-old Nigerian woman, Remarkable Mary, in August last year made a record achievement in her humanitarian work – she built a borehole water project for a neglected oil-producing community in Akwa Ibom, South-south Nigeria.

It was the first time in several decades the people of Edonwick, an island in Eastern Obolo Local Government Area, would fetch water from a tap, before now they were used to scooping water from ponds or the Atlantic Ocean.

The water project, with two overhead tanks, is built on a piece of land donated by the community. There are four taps for the people to fetch water from.

A whiteboard clamped onto the borehole steel pillars has the inscription: “Donated by Mary Remarkable Foundation in support of the United Nations Development Goals 6 – Clean water &…

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