How Jeph Acheampong is creating a new generation of African data scientists with his startup, Blossom Academy

In 2008, some scientists working at LinkedIn and Facebook coined the term “data science.” In 2018, the global market size of big data and business analytics was estimated at $171.39 billion and approximately $5 billion in Africa. With a large market like this, democratising data science to bridge the talent gap in Africa becomes imperative.

Organisations looking to enhance their use of data and invest in internal data science capacity face a shortage of capable African data scientists. Businesses frequently resort to hiring data science consultants from outside the continent due to the scarcity of competent local resources.

A lack of formal educational opportunities is a key contributor to the shortage of proficient data scientists on the continent, and as a result, aspiring data scientists are required to access costly online resources or are forced to pursue informal education pathways to develop their theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

This further limits career prospects as employment opportunities are more readily available to those with…

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