How I jumped out of moving car to escape kidnap

A student, Chijioke Ifeasinachi, has narrated how she jumped out of a moving vehicle to save herself from kidnappers.

The incident happened on November 16 in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Ifeasinachi said she left Church in Agric Bus Stop on Ikorodu Road around 12:30pm that fateful day and was going home when the incident happened.

She narrated: “I entered a cab at Agric Junction to Garage junction. Three men – two in the front and one at back in the cab. The driver asked if I had N50 change and I said ‘Yes’. I brought out my phone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and earpiece and was listening to music.

“On getting to Jumo Park Bus Stop, the driver stopped the car, I thought one of the passengers wanted to alight, but the next thing I heard was the driver said he would not drop the guy that sat beside me, that he saw dollars inside the guy’s bag. The driver said the guy must explain how he got the money else he will take him to the Police station.

“The guy begged him. The driver later said he must give him 10,000 dollars from the money. The guy asked me to plead on his behalf. I asked the driver what he wants the man to do? I said all I wanted was for him to drop me at the Garage where I was heading to before changing the route to police station. After we passed Aruna bus stop, the driver made a turning by the right instead of going straight, I was feeling uncomfortable with the whole conversation. I asked why they were not passing the normal route but they said that was the route they wanted to pass. Not long after, I told them to stop the car and called my dad. I spoke with him in Igbo that it seemed I had entered kidnappers’ car. All the men were Yoruba but it seemed the driver understood what I said, he told me they were not kidnappers, then he made another turning. At this point I started shouting and putting my head and hand out of the window of the car shouting ‘thief,’ ‘kidnappers,’ help me!. The guy beside me then gave his colleague a gun. Immediately I saw the gun, I opened the door and jumped out.

“I fell on the ground, had injuries on my elbow, aches on my head and back. I noticed a man was driving behind us; he was the one who effected the arrest of the kidnappers, he came back to meet me where I fell, my father and my brother also came, we all went to the police station and I was later taken to the Hospital,” she said.

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