How essential is hot water bath during the rainy season

Growing up in the eighties was different. A good kind of different. Remembering with nostalgia those days when the world was innocent and still sane, when it was still devoid of the madness that came after, how my peers would dance near-naked in the rain when their mothers went out and how the seduction of the stormy elements was just too strong to resist. As such, we would always find an excuse to feel the rain drip on our nude skin. Also, trekking through swamps of rain waters was quite commonplace because the rains had flooded every available walkway, it was childhood, plain and undefiled. So it was, that at every time we got home, soaked and drenched in rainwater, our mothers will insist that we get a hot bath or soak our feet in salted hot water.

Upset that we played in the rain,…

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