How Do poor People Have Accounts?

Reno Omokri has again come for president Buhari and this time it is over the monies shared to the poor in the country.

Recall news surfaced a few days ago that FG was sharing money to the poor in the country.

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Reno has now tackled the presidency asking how the so-called poor Nigerians even have bank accounts.

In his words;

There are only 38.5 million accounts in Nigeria, according to BVN. There are 82 million extremely poor people in Nigeria according to the UN. Yet, General Buhari says he is sharing money to 2 million poor Nigerians. How? Do poor Nigerians even have accounts?

”How and who exactly are you sharing these monies to? The definition of an extremely poor person is someone who lives on less than $2 a day. These people can’t even afford a bank account.

”How can a government that couldn’t share National ID cards to up to 40% of Nigerians share money to 2 million people within days?

”The only thing this government can share effectively is PHCN estimated bill, even when they provided no power.

”To think they can share money to 2 million poor Nigerians within days is a delusion!

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