How Abuja-based startup, Paynergy, is changing the way people pay their energy bills

It is almost impossible for anyone living in this country not to have experienced hours/days without power supply. To worsen matters, when it comes to electricity billing, National Electric Power Authority (NEPA), now known as Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), does not hold back as most Nigerians pay through their noses.

Over the years, however, PHCN has claimed to have faced the problem of revenue collection, hence, the introduction of prepaid metres in 2006.

Prior to this introduction, electricity bills were usually sent to consumers after consumption. This still happens, albeit with less frequency.

Since then, the government has not committed adequate financing for the complete roll out of prepaid electricity metres as evident in the last Power Sector Report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).


It reported that the total number of consumers with prepaid metres increased by 1% to 1.67 million customers in Q4 2018 from 1.65 million customers in Q3 2018.

And while this might look like progress, prepaid metres can be an…

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