How a bus ticket scam led Ronald Hakiza to build Ugabus, an online bus booking platform in Uganda

Ronald Hakiza lost a relative and was to attend the burial in his village. However, due to a busy schedule, he got to the bus park late and could not get a ticket on time.

Standing there confused, a gentleman walked up to him claiming he could sell him a ticket at a relatively higher price. Without hesitation, Hakiza bought the ticket and boarded the bus.

Some minutes into the journey, inspection of tickets commenced and when it was his turn, he was told his ticket was fake. He had two options though; get kicked off the bus or pay extra to continue the journey. Of course, he chose the latter.

“I had been constantly fleeced by con men at bus stations in Kampala who acted as bus touts [sic], and I knew the ticketing system was broken, but this particular time, something had to be done,” Hakiza remarks.


Starting Ugabus

Upon returning to the city, Hakiza wondered if there could be a better way people like himself could search for, compare, and book authentic bus tickets online. He couldn’t find any, so he decided to pioneer one.


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