HILARIOUS : James Brown refers to Cardi B as ‘Carli B’ (Video)

Effeminate dancer, James Brown, who became an Instagram sensation early this year after he was arrested at a gay party and professed his innocence in a hilarious ‘they didn’t caught me’ video, has come out with another rib-cracking video this time criticizing Ghanaians for their behavior towards US Rapper, Cardi B.

In the video posted by James Brown on his IG page, he referred to Cardi B as Carli B, referred to darling as ‘dulling’ and said ‘carli B is the best’ and ‘kindest person i’ve met’.

Cardi B eating khebab on her Insta Story.

The video has gotten the attention of Ghanaians, with some using the opportunity to abuse Nigerians in the current #GhanaVsNigeria debate.

See the Video below ;

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