Herdsman hacks farmer to death in Ogun

Ernest Nwokolo, Abeokuta

A herdsman, Muhammad Garba, who was grazing his cattle in the farm of one Segun Akinlade, in Imala area of Ogun State has hacked the farm owner (Segun) to death during a fight between the two.

Muhammed Garba allegedly killed the 35 years farmer on December 1 with cutlass when he led his herds of cattle to graze on the deceased farm.

The farm owner tried to chase Garba away with catapult and stone but lost his life in the process.

The stone, it was learnt struck the herdsman on his forehead, he staggered and in anger charged back at the farm owner when he regained his balance and a duel ensued between them as both were armed with cutlasses.

Segun who was overpowered, collapsed and allegedly died of injuries from machete cuts while his assailant – herdsman was arrested by the Police shortly after the killing.

The Police Public Relations Officer in Ogun State, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who confirmed the incident and arrest of the herdsman, stated that the corpse of…

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