Heavily Pregnant Woman Who Boarded A Public Transport Slams Men For Refusing To Stand Up For Her

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A heavily-pregnant woman from Australia has put middle-aged men on blast for using the courtesy seats on trains and refusing to stand up for her.

The woman, who didn’t reveal her identity posted to Reddit on Wednesday to express her outrage after she experienced men rush past her to grab a courtesy seat on a Sydney train

‘Very obviously pregnant (could not possibly make a mistake) and hot, but beaten for the courtesy seats on trains by two middle-aged males in gym gear,’ she wrote.

‘This happens daily. So sick of the selfishness.’

‘I know they could be disabled but the frequency with which this happens is beyond a joke and not every middle-aged male can be disabled.’

‘Young men, old men and pretty much all women are great at offering their seats but middle-aged men get your act together,’ she wrote.

The post attracted lot of comments with many sympathizing with the woman.

So ridiculous because as a middle aged man I grew up in a time when travelling on public transport this was something we were taught,’ one user wrote.

They should be shamed repeatedly for their sh**ty actions.’

Another said: ‘If you take that seat from someone who needs it, you are uber trash and deserve to have your foot stomped.’

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