Health expert faults Lagos govt’s advisory on coronavirus

A health expert has faulted an advisory given by the Lagos State commissioner for health which urged Nigerians with symptoms of coronavirus to walk into the state hospitals for treatment saying it would only expose the country to harm.

The U.S.-based expert, Olubayo Okelana, reacting to the advisory video done by the commissioner, Akin Abayomi, said one of the measures stated for prevention of the disease is faulty as it would only expose more people to risk of contracting the disease.

Nigeria in preparation against the importation and spread of 2019-nCoV had released an advisory educating Nigerians on the disease and symptoms to look out for.

Mr Abayomi, in the advisory video had listed out the symptoms of the 2019-nCoV and told Lagosians that “if you feel that you are…

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