He Called After 5 Years In The US

depressed man

Depressed man


2015 was a different year for me, after my grandpa died, he willed his farm to me. When he was very much alive, I took interest in farm work and i had to move to the village to work on his farm and his poultry. So he willed it to me and the other family members didn’t give a damn. (most of them were doing good in Lagos). 


So 2015 I sold alot of farm produce (I’d say since he willed the farm to me, I worked harder than I was working before when he was very much alive).


I saved up most of the money, made sure my wife and kids were okay and I threw about 80 percent of the cash I made in the bank.


September 2015, I was roasting yam (me and the people I employed to work in the farm, we took a break) and my dude from way back was on the other end, we spoke for hours that I couldn’t continue with the other guys. 


He needed money for plane ticket and other stuff. Said he would pay me back in folds when he gets to the states and works for a while.


I told him I was gonna get back to him as I needed to discuss things with my wife and Iwas gonna get back to him. God till date I didn’t know how I credited him one million. 


I just can’t explain it till date. 


He eventually traveled and I wouldn’t hear anything from him until last night (he didn’t call me at any point and I didn’t bulge for 5 years). He’d call me yesterday and said he’s never seen a nigga like me and he’ll wire me some funds Monday.


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