Grace Ajilore is trending because she’s pregnant

Grace Ajilore is currently a trending topic on Twitter, and folks are dragging her because of an alleged double standard.

She was tagged a feminist because of some of her ‘angry bants’ about how ‘trashy’ men can sometimes be… And now she’s being dragged on Twitter, after she announced her pregnancy.

“My Christmas came early! Me & daddy can’t wait to meet our beautiful baby”, she tagged the photos.

Below are some comments from Twitter;

@steph_niiii: So Grace Ajilore “men are trashed” us to death on the TL only to end up a baby mama for a MAN??? 😂🤣

Linda Ikeji preached celibacy so tey, she FELL pregnant, Glory Osei was forming feminist that hates men only to realize that she is married. Now, Grace Ajilore that is always setting standards and screaming “Men are scum” is pregnant. The internet is a very interesting place.

@Grace_jobi: I’ve been hoodwinked, Grace ajilore that was preaching stay away from men is pregnant😅

@one_dosh: Dear Grace Ajilore i don’t know you but i heard some waste being dropped something in you that’s making you glow. You all slay queens that come on here to shout men are trash,Your mentor is pregnant now

Wise up don’t let social media fool you,Everyone woman needs preeq.

@KukuuyaKhadijah: Grace Ajilore being pregnant is the biggest plot twist of 2019. I’m so happy for her tho❤️🥺❤️

@chimskimilo: Grace Ajilore spoke ill of men that never had good intentions towards women. She never said “if you meet a man that takes care of you, you should throw him in the bin”. She only emphasized on how much being a woman is expensive and all.

@Mercester_: Why are you people pressed abt Grace Ajilore tho? She’s certainly not the reason for your misfortune or poor taste in men. I see it’s now a crime to tell you what you should look out for. She even mentions her man in her videos. Again I ask, Why are you so pressed?!

@Adesewa_22: Grace AJILORE LEFT US AND IS PREGNANT haaaaaaaaaa.. what happened to the dragons and the bins 😔😔😔.. I thought these men were dragons that belonged to the bin 😔

@_Oroboghene: If you’re dragging Grace Ajilore coz you think her videos are bitter and man hating, there are two things involved-

-Your head is paining you, no oil, dry sense of humour.

-You were so desperate for anyone to validate your man hatred so you picked her as your Queen.

@elladoga: Yoooo Grace Ajilore is pregnant 😢😢 After I’ve followed her to shout nigga ain’t shit with my chest all these years. Wow just wow.

Grace Ajilore pregnant

@Pamela_Omari: Grace Ajilore that is always scattered and shaking up and down. How did she relax for penis to enter her and impregnate her

@PresidentAisha: Linda Ikeji got pregnant. Grace Ajilore got pregnant. Small time now, Oloni too will follow. I wonder what feminists will do with their life now that their bosses have failed them. 🤭

@oluwatooyin_: It obvious people don’t understand English, Grace Ajilore never said don’t be with men, she was only specific about trash men and apparently not all men are trash but most people intentionally choose to misunderstand her lol

@SirLeoBDasilva: Grace Ajilore must be someone’s surrogate because I can’t believe it.

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