Google to discontinue its free public WiFi initiative in all its markets starting this year

Google has revealed plans to end its free public Wi-Fi program in India by the end of 2020 on the premise that Internet penetration has largely increased over the years and data has relatively gotten cheaper in many markets.

Stating other reasons, Google added that the initiative’s business model hasn’t translated to a sufficient return on investment, and the mechanism adopted to monetise the system like advertisement did not yield much result.

While the project is planned to be discontinued first in the pioneer nation, India, other markets may soon follow, even South Africa where it launched three months ago.

In 2015, Google introduced this initiative aimed at offering free WiFi in public places in some select countries. The program, named Google Station, was first rolled out in India with a goal to cover 400 railway stations.


And since then, in partnership with various companies, the initiative has expanded to other countries like Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, and South Africa.

Since affordability…

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