Global job search company, Indeed, visits Nigeria; meets with Decagon, a training institute for software engineers

On Monday, a team from the worldwide job search company, Indeed, visited Lagos, Nigeria. And in what seems to be part of the team’s itinerary, they made a stop at Decagon Institute, a Nigerian-founded startup for training software engineers. The team is said to be around until Wednesday.

During Techpoint‘s visit to the institute, we gathered that the eight-man product management team from Indeed led by Thomas Bergman, the senior director of product management, had a closed-door meeting with members of the institute headed by Chika Nwobi, CEO, Decagon.

Team Decagon and Indeed delegates

The meeting was followed by an interactive session with previous and current trainees in the company.

During the interactive session

During this session, one of the delegates, Han Liang, the director of product management, hinted on the reason behind the visit.


“Probably the most sought-after resource in the world are engineers and tech talents. We are here to see how we can scour and mine such treasures together and how do we integrate the global…

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