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SOMETIMES we define the disabled as those who cannot act, those with limbs but cannot walk, with eyes but cannot see. So we think all of us with impeccable extremities are just so fortunate, so superior, so smug.

But they mock us back in a sort of psychological hardball. They know disability is not about limbs and ears and eyes. It is about the mind. Hence we had geniuses who beat all the so-called able-bodied giants in our midst. After all, John Milton wrote Paradise Lost without his eyes. Beethoven has delighted our ears with symphonies without his sight. Former United States President led the world through the bloodiest war in history on wheel chair. Last week, we saw the disabled among us assert their presence, thanks to Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila.

For the first time, the physically challenged enjoyed the attention of the House in a big scale. FDR had wheel chairs to prosecute the Second World War, the speaker donated 20 to some of them. They…

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