Founder of defunct OyaPay is now co-founder of a new startup, Voyance after leaving Paystack

You’d recall the agonising story of the promising Nigerian fintech startup that shut down operations following a dispute of shares dilution between the founder and a family-tied early-stage investor.

After discussions with the investor broke down, Abdulhamid Hassan — founder of now-defunct OyaPay — shut down his less than a one-year-old company and joined Paystack as a product manager.

But Hassan has since quit Paystack for a surprising foray back into entrepreneurship.

In an interview with Techpoint, Hassan revealed that he quit Paystack in October and now co-runs the company called Voyance.


What’s Voyance about?

The new company, which derives its name from the word clairvoyance, is a machine learning platform that democratises machine learning by turning everyone in an organisation into a data scientist.

“A lot of companies have data but don’t know what to do with it. Voyance is a machine learning platform which allows businesses to upload their data and predict what matters to them,” affirmed Hassan.

Organisations in…

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