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On January 12, Y Combinator (YC), a US seed-stage accelerator, released its YC Top Companies list. According to a statement, the list was put together to help potential employees, partners, and late-stage investors know a wider set of YC companies.

A brief overview of the list shows more than 125 YC-backed companies valued at more than $150m. For startups with $1b or more in valuation, this number reduces to 25.

Although YC has kicked against the use of valuations in judging the progress and real worth of a company, it still used the vanity metric to create the list.

“We still believe this to be the case and consistently warn our companies not to over-optimize their fundraising for a high valuation. That said, it’s the most commonly available metric to compare companies in the startup world,” the statement read.


Flutterwave features again as Paystack is missing

Since launching in 2005, YC has invested in more than 2,000 startups around the world writing $125k-$150k cheques for a 7% equity.

In 2018, the accelerator published the very

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