Five staunch politicians who defected during 2019 elections

By Gabriel Ogunjobi


What is peculiar to Nigerian politics at the close of electioneering is defection – either from politicians who have been longed for by the opposition or are desperate of crossing to secure electoral ticket that may be unsure from the emigrating party.

This defection is usually heralded by intriguing dramas that disrupt political permutation and one favorite line at the times of transitions is such as ‘a return to home’.

Nigerian politicians

Recently, two of Nigeria’s thirty-six states decided at the polls on their next-in-four-year governors and there’s already a roving rumor regarding the party switch of a staunch People’s Democratic Party member and ex-president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

He is being rumored for such tendency in spite of an alleged role in the election of the All Progressives’ Congress, APC’s David Lyon as the Governor-elect of Bayelsa state.

But, while this is still unconfirmed, here are some political juggernauts who made such…

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