Finally, Gokada CEO opens up on Okada ban in Lagos

Fahim Saleh, the Chief Executive Officer of the popular ride hailing firm, Gokada, has opened up on the ban of Okada by the Lagos State Government.

Speaking for the first time since the ban took effect on Saturday, Fahim, a foremost entrepreneur and programmer, said Gokada was not just business to him but a mission.

In a video message posted on the @GokadaNG Twitter handle, he advised against stifling innovation with the ban which including transportation service app like Gokada.

According to him, the riders of Gokada were not in the business just to make money but rather to eke a living and cater for their family.

He said from day one, Gokada had prioritised safety, providing their riders and the passengers with helmets certified by the United State Department of Transportation (DOT).

He said, “I know I have been a little bit quiet as of recent event with the motorcycle transport ban in Lagos but I’m just trying to process it and figure out how exactly what to speak on the topic.

“I mean it’s tough for an entrepreneur who is trying to innovate, who is investing his money. This is not my country. It is a country I feel has amazing potentials and amazing people and there isn’t the opportunity to shine.

“The drivers that ride Gokada, everyone of them wasn’t there because they just wanted to make money. They were there because they have families. They have children, they had dreams. They wanted to start businesses. They wanted to go to school. They couldn’t find jobs.

“Gokada wasn’t the final place for their lives. It was a stepping stone for them to get to their next endeavour and we are hoping that a lot of these drivers wouldn’t be drivers forever.

“We are hoping that we could place them in higher jobs within Gokada and create a beautiful community which was developing slowly and it was really something that moved me to the point that I was okay putting all my money, all my everything.

“What I tell you is that Gokada is not just a business to me, it’s a mission and every point of that mission was always playing safe providing jobs. We did something that nobody has done in the market. We provided Helmet that is DOT certified.”

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