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By Femi Oluwasanmi

Sir: Since 1999, majority of people at the receiving end of the dilapidated medical facilities, ill-treatment from the unmotivated medical personnel, and other chronic deficiencies in Nigerian health sector have been the masses. That was until recently when the elite joined them to share the same experience due to border closure policy in most countries of the world.

Today, the same government and the elites that have shown insensitivity to the condition of medical facilities in the country have begun to show concern to the extent of donating money, buildings among others to prevent further escalation of the Coronavirus currently threatening humanity especially our highly placed officials.

While this would ordinarily be commendable as it further consolidates the existing efforts to reposition the nation’s health sector; at the same time, the manner with which it is being done shows clearly that the fear of the virus at the corridors of power and the elite is…

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