Fake news, citizen journalism and citizens of heaven

Grace Ekundayo, Lagos


Journalism is a vital part of mass communication that involves the gathering, collection and dissemination of news. The mass media has the power to influence the way people view the world and the ability to also change their views.

Mass media play very important role in organising public opinion. Dozens of millions of people listen to the radio, watch TV, read newspapers and even make use of the internet in their daily routines and in their free time. Therefore, this is why the news that the media puts out there must be accurate, factual and verified. This is to ensure it is not misleading the public and also clouding their judgements.

Unfortunately, the rise of fake news has become an alarming issue in our day and age. Fake news is simply the deliberate misrepresentation of information or the complete falsification of information spread to the public.

Many people would wonder why there is an increase in the spread of fake news. Upon research, it was…

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