Everything you need to know about Nigeria’s Social Media Bill and what you can do about it

Over the past few weeks, the Internet has been abuzz with stories and reactions to the proposed bill by the Nigerian Senate to place restrictions on social media and Nigeria’s Internet space.

The bill has been met with widespread criticism with many faulting several of its clauses for a perceived hindrance to free speech.

Still, a lot of grey areas shroud the proposed bill in what is fast becoming a norm for African governments.

How did it begin?

The social media restriction discussion has been going on for a while. A version tagged “Frivolous Petitions (Prohibition) Bill 2015” aka Social Media Bill, was introduced in 2016 during the 8th National Assembly but got the axe as it met heated protests.


For 2019, Nigerians got the first whiff when President Muhammadu Buhari declined to sign the Digital Rights Bill on the grounds that it “covers too many technical subjects and fails to address any of them extensively.”

The Digital Rights Bill was supposed to be one that protected the fundamental rights of Nigerians on the Internet…

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