Eva Alordiah reacts after being told she’s a failed rapper

Eva Alordiah has been labeled a failed rapper after she took to Twitter to lambaste fellow music artists.

In a tweet she shared, Eva Alordiah criticized other musicians who mumble incomprehensible words in their songs.

She tweeted:

“So many artistes have allowed themselves believe that mumbling incomprehensible words over beats, with no lyrics is “catching a vibe”.
As long as it keeps the rhythm eh?
You did not catch a Vibe.
You caught Laziness. I’m sad”.

An online troll who would have none of it replied:

“What’s this failed raper saying why don’t u mumble on a beats too or better still call the name of the art u refaring to..some people will not mind their biz”.

Eva then replied ;

“LOL!!! Your knowledge of History is the only failure here. My name in History? Forever engraved Mr Eric. How is that for failure? Ozwor”.

The troll fired back:

“😂😂😂😂😂your name is in which history see this failed Wack raper ur name is in Allen avenue I don’t even know any of your songs bet raping like there is hot amala in ur mouth u better start doing video vixen instead of music its an advice.. failed raper”.

See excahnge below ;

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