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Lekan Otufodunrin


LEADLINES of what to write about have a way of popping up in my head when I can’t make up my mind on the issue to focus on in this weekly column.

Sometimes, the headlines seems apt for the issue of the moment, but my journalism training and experience has taught me to be very sure of every word I use in either the headline or body text.

Last week when I wrote about the undue generosity of the Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun for giving the winner of the Big Brother Nigeria Show N5 million and a house in addition to the total prize of N85m he won in the reality show, my first headline was to be Rewarding Inanities.

Although inanity has to do with something senseless or silly act or remark, which some analysts have likened the Governor’s action to, I didn’t want to be seen as insulting the governor for what he did. I liked the rhyme of Rewarding Inanities, but my goal was to fault the governor’s action in a way that he would see the point I was making…

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