Encounter with 9 yr-old calendar prodigy

Nine-year-old Siju Olawepo, a primary five pupil of Carol’s School in Lagos is a calendar prodigy who can correctly work out any date supplied to him, even as far back as the 16th century.

Within seconds, Siju can work out the day in which any date falls, past or present, almost faster than an internet search engine. His brain works like a computer that has the entire calendar of human existence.

This innate ability was first noticed in the school by his computer teacher, Mr. David Ugiomoh, who observed that he was always demanding for plain sheets for designing calendars. Later, he was seen designing calendars for the future without the aid of any existing one.

When asked how he came about knowing days with their corresponding dates, his response was, “I just know it, my instinct tells me dates with the corresponding days. It comes naturally to me, I cannot explain how.”

Mr. David told Daily Trust Saturday that what Siju enjoys doing most is designing calendars.

“Sometimes when you ask him to copy note from the board, he will be designing calendar, he was always coming to my office to ask for plain sheets for designing calendars. We in the school initially thought he was copying from an existing calendar until the day he came to my office to design a calendar for year 2023. When I checked out the days on my phone, I saw that they were all accurate. I was amazed that a boy of his age could be that knowledgeable,”

To clear his curiosity, Mr. David started asking him questions, twisting the dates; yet, he answered them all correctly.

“I also asked him for the day to my birthday, which he provided seamlessly. So, we started asking questions about different dates, which he answered correctly. I was baffled and discovered he was a genius,” he said.

“Whatever Siju likes doing is what he does. Anything he comes to the computer room, the only thing he tells me is that he wants to design a calendar. So, most times, I open Microsoft Word for him and allow him design his calenders,” Siju’s teacher said.

While he said that the school is still observing Siju believing that he has more to offer than designing calendars, he noted that the school is also seeking expert’s opinions on his matter.

Siju said his best subjects are Mathematics and English Language but he noted that his ambition is to become a horticulturist.

Apart from designing and knowing calendar dates, Siju’s father, Mr. Wale Olawepo, said his son also sings, adding that the family is still waiting for him to unfold.

“We encourage him to do well in all his subjects but, I think he likes English Language, Science, CRK and Social Studies, among others.”

He recalled that Siju was very active as A toddler and would always remember the last place he saw his toy in case of a displacement.

Commenting on how and when Siju started exhibiting his special skill, Mr. Wale said, “We noticed when Siju was about seven years old, that most A4 papers I worked with in the house were reducing inexplicably. Later, we discovered that he was the one who had been doing stuff with them. He designs calendars on the dining table and everywhere else, keeps them as scrolls and would not allow anyone tamper with them,”

“I wish I could say he got encouragement, but he is a tough dude. He doesn’t give in to criticism and countless bullying,” he said.

Siju’s teacher, Mr. David, commended his parents for helping him discover himself and not discouraging him. He appealed to them to continue to support his dreams and aspirations.

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