Ekitipanupo institutes endowment fund for late Falegan

By Tunde Oso

Pre-eminent Ekiti intellectual round-table, Ekitipanupo has instituted an endowment fund in memory of late Baba Isale of the group, Chief S. B. Falegan.

In a statement by Alagba Gabriel Akinyemi FCS, considering his unique roles and contributions to the Ekitipanupo initiative, members have deemed it fit to honour the memory of this great son of Ekiti.

Akinyemi disclosed that many options were considered and after exhaustive debate comes up with the Option of  Endowment for Prizes to be instituted in the University of Ado Ekiti in the name of Chief  S B Falegan for the best graduating Student in the field of Banking and Finance, the area where our late Babaisale was reputed to be an icon.

The respected stockbroker, Akinyemi explained: “In taking this option, we…

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