Effects of taking drugs with carbonated drinks

By Ogunremi  Oyindamola


Carbonated beverages are drinks with carbon dioxide, a colourless and flavourless gas. Carbonated beverages have their base either in carbonated or soda water. They usually have flavours and sweeteners.

Carbonated drinks can also be called fizzy drinks as the process of making them involves carbon dioxide under high pressure. When the pressure is removed, the carbon dioxide is released as small bubbles, which cause the solution to become effervescent, or fizzy.

An example is the dissolution of carbon dioxide in water, resulting in carbonated water. Carbon dioxide is a weak soluble in water. Therefore, it separates into gas when the pressure is released.

Drinks like cola, cherry cola, energy, enviga, red bull, jolt and monster are carbonated drinks with stimulants. Soda is the most common carbonated drink.

Many people begin to drink carbonated beverages at a young age with a first sip of coke, Sprite, and Pepsi, or some of the common soda drinks, which…

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