Edo 2020: Peace and diligence are Odubu’s recipe

By Ewansiha Aghama


As the race to the ‘Dennis Osadebey Avenue’, Edo State Government House heats up, all that the already weary Edo populace continues to see is brigandage politics, wherein anything goes.

Truly repulsive and condemnable, it signifies a bizarre political engagement of the sort, which the bombastic Patrick Obahiagbon (a.k.a. Igodomigodo) came to call “a state of filagaga filogo (a euphemism for fisticuffs in which bottles, seats and other dangerous cudgels are in free use).

Imperatively,  Edo State needs a clear breakaway, instantly; from the circle of poor political undertakings accompanied by poor democracy returns. However, these setbacks necessitate that the political leadership and the electorate summarily address the processes of selecting elective…

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